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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Award by Sir Nathaniel Brent, Ll.D., Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury, in a dispute between the Bailiff and Burgesses of Stratford upon Avon and John Hall concerning a pew in the parish church (the former claiming it `for their wyves to sitt and kneele in') to the effect that the said John Hall, Thomas Nashe, his son-in-law, and their wives, and Mrs. Woodward and Mrs. Lane should have their choice of the said pew or another near the pulpit, such choice to be made within a month or to pass to the other parties. 5 June 1635. Signed by William Warmstry, Notary public. In his evidence Dr. Hall states that he and his son-in-law had contributed `deepely' to the repairs of the church and that he had `bestowed a new pulpit at his owne charge'. Folio 123.