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Correspondence: Wheler Papers


John Britton: - on his Warwickshire collections; 27 November 1812 (f.8) - on his projected new Memoir of Shakespeare; 25 October 1813 - February, 22 July 1814, 6 June 1815 (ff.10,14,20,33); - on the establishment of a Shakespearian Institute', 24 March 1815 (f. 28); - sending a copy of Shakespeare's bust, and on the removal of the paint from the original; 29 October 1818, with printed advertisements of busts of Shakespeare, Camden and B. Jonson (ff. 78-80); - enclosing (f.83) lines by H. Neele on Shakespeare's bust, and an old seal engraved with Shakespeare's head; 26 January 1819 (f.81); - on Cattermole's sketches in Stratford, etc., and enclosing (f.90) for remark suggestions made to H. Neele for a Lecture on Shakespeare; 27 October 1819 (f.88).