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Correspondence: Wheler Papers


R.B. Wheler to: - J. Britton, on: a) Shakespeare's and other monuments in Stratford church, on his efforts to find some of the poet's writing, on Malone's Life of him, on the Shakespeare pedigree, etc; 17 December 1813 (f.12) b) the Memoir of Shakespeare for Rees' Encyclopedia and introducing H. Davies; 29 May 1815 (f. 32v); - H. Davies, in answer to his of 24 May ( ER1/33/9); 29 May 1815 (f.32); - R.W. Elliston, in answer to his of 13 April (ER1/33/13) dissuading him from bringing his theatrical company to Stratford; 15 April 1816 (f.55); - the Gentleman's Magazine, sending extracts from the Stratford Register, c. 1816 (f.70); - R.S. White (ER1/33/18) on Shakespeare's seal-ring and on various biographical questions; 23 September 1816(f.71); - W.T.Dixon, in answer to his of 23 April (ER1/33/21); 30 April 1828 (f. 102).