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Stratford Collections: Saunders Papers


Copies of records relating to fires in Stratford, 1598-1642 (ff. 124-183) Included are: Petitions to Queen Elizabeth for remission of taxes, etc. and for a share of the parliamentary grant to decayed towns, 1598. With letters and other papers (ff. 124-127). `Extracts from leases shewing where houses were burnt' (f.128v) Petitions to Sir John Fortescue for remission of church repairs, of taxes, etc. (ff. 127v-128 130-132) Notices as to fires from the Corporation Account-books, etc., 1594-5. (f. 133) Deputation to Edward Lord to collect money upon the Brief after the Fire of 1640; 11 November 1641 (f. 135) Discharge from 15ths, 10ths, and subsidies `in consideration of great losses by fyer' (f.139) Petition from the Corporation to the Privy Council for `power to restrain the building of thatched cottages', with answer, 16 March 1618/9 (ff. 141v, 143) Brief for collections after the fire of 1614 (f. 144v) Names of sufferers `with their severall losses', 1640 (f. 148). Contributions `towards our late losse by fire'; 10 March 1641 (f. 169v).