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Miscellanea: Saunders Papers


Warwickshire Notes, including: a) Stratford: - on the arms of the borough (f.2) - list of bailiffs, vicars, etc. (f.5) - on the corporation maces (f.6) - on John Jordan (f.7) - on Shakespeare's monument, etc. (f.8) - account of Rev. John Trapp, vicar (ff. 12-34) - on Archbishop John de Stratford, etc. (f.35) - extracts from the Council Books, 1703-33 (f.41) - on the Jubilee riband (f.43) - copy of a letter from G. Harper on a visit to the Birthplace, 5 August 1793 (f.44) - other rough notes b) Bearley, with a drawing of the chapel, dated 1822 (ff. 50, 51) c) `The Leamington Guide' (f.52) d) Ragley (f.59) e) Salford (f.63) f) Welford (f.64)