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Miscellanea: Saunders Papers


Transcripts or abstracts of printed works relating to the Jubilee of 1769, viz: a) Shakespeare's Garland, London 1769 (f.140) b) Songs, Choruses, etc. .... in the new entertainment of the Jubilee at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, London, 1770 (f.142) c) The same, 1787 (f. 143v) d) Play Bill at Covent Garden, 23 April 1816, the second centenary of Shakespeare's death (f. 144v) e) The Stratford Jubilee... to which is prefixed Scrub's Trip to the Jubilee, London, 1769 (f.146) f) Garrick's Vagary or England run made London, 1769 (f.164) g) Man and Wife, or the Shakespeare Jubilee by George Coleman, 1770 (f. 176) h) The Jubilee. The Words by David Garrick Esq. the music by Dibden. With the note, `This was printed at Waterford, 1773' but the transcript was made from a MS copy lent to Captain Saunders, 5 June 1823, by Henry Chamberlain, manager of the Company of comedians passing through Stratford: see f. 206v (f.199) i) Garrick's Ode to Shakespeare in 1769, to which is added a description of the Grand Pageant as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, on Tuesday, April 23, 1816, London, 1816 (f.207)