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Longborough, Adlestrop, Broadwell and Bledington


Final concord made at Westminster in the quindene of Easter 8 George 1 between Laurence Lord esq., and Joseph Ludlow gent. plaintiff and Theophilus Leigh jun. Thomas Leigh and Charles Leigh gentlemen deforciants of the manors of Longborough and Adlestorp with 30 messuages 30 cottages 2 watermills 3 dovecots 850 acres of land 300 acres meadow 850 acres pasture 1000 acres heath 20s. rent and common of pasture in Longborough, Adlestrop, Bradwell and Bledington, with the rectory of Longborough, the advowson of the church of Broadwell and chapel of Adlestrop and the advowson of the church of Bledington. Consideration £2,600