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Documents of title


Documents relating to sundry parcels of the settled estates, part of those which after disentailing passed to the Rev. H.C. Knight. These represent only a small proportion of the deeds and papers handed over by the trustees at that time (see no. DR 225/107 ). The deeds are here arranged in order of acquisiton of the properties by Robert earl of Catherlough or, after his death, by the trustees of the settled estates (see no. DR 225/81 ). Purchases nos. 1-7 were made in the Earl's lifetime, purchases nos. 8-32 were made by the trustees between 1776 and 1837. Places for which no county is specified are in Warwickshire. Oldberrow was formerly in Worcestershire, being transferred to Warwickshire in 1896. Shipston (Worcestershire) and Clifford Chambers (Gloucestershire) were transferred to Warwickshire in 1931.