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Stoneleigh Cryfield


Mortgage dated 18 Nov. 1674. Sir William Bromley, of Baggington, K.B., The Hon: Charles Leigh of Burdingbury, esquire, and Thomas lord Leigh of the 1st part; Charles son and heir of the Earl of Dorset and Sir Kingsmill Lucy Bt, of the 2nd part; William, earl of Desmond and Lady Mary his wife, of the 3rd part; of Cruellfield Grange. S. s. I. Crest, out of a coronet, a demi-lion rampant. (Bromley)-ii. defaced (Leigh) - iii. Quarterly of IV, I obscure .II.A chevron between three crowns. ( ). iii. A pale loxengy ( ).IV. ... between two ... ( ). In pretence Quarterly within a bordure... ( ).- (Leigh) - IV. defaced .V VI defaced. VII. VIII.defaced.