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Appointment of Receiver of Rents: Thurlaston (Warwickshire), Newbold-on-Avon, Kings Newnham and Knightlow Hundred


Indenture of appointment between the Most Noble John, Duke of Montagu of the first part, John Eyre of Putney, co. Surrey, esq. of the second part, and John Booth of the parish of St. George, Bloomsbury, co. Middx., gent. of the third part (reciting a Mortgage of hereditaments in Thurlaston, Newbold [-on-Avon], [Kings] Newnham and the hundred of Knightlow and the rectory of Newnham to John Eyre for £23,000, and reciting that it had been agreed that, for the more convenient collection of the rents and profits of the said hereditaments, John Booth should be appointed receiver), whereby it was witnessed that the said John Duke of Montagu (one of the above mentioned mortgagors) and John Eyre (mortgagee) appointed the said John Booth receiver of the rents and profits of the said hereditaments upon trust to pay the interest on the said £23,000 to John Eyre, and, as to the residue, in trust to pay the same to the mortgagees.