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Long Stanton, Cambridgeshire


Lease from Sir Fowlke Grevyle of Beauchampscourte co. Warwick kt. to Godfrey Morlen of Michaellstaunton co. Cambs. yeoman for divers consideration (unspecified) of a messuage with backside and two closes of land containing approximately 5 acres in the parish of Michaellstaunton, late in the tenure of Thomas Wrighte and then of the said Godfrey Morlen, for 21 years at a yearly rent of £32. 11s.4d., payable as in DR98/1793, with similar conditions but omitting the clause regarding military service. The tenant undertook as before not to assign or set over the premises or any part of them to Henry Holforde esq. or any other inhabitant of Longstaunton or Michaelstaunton without special licence in writing. Dated 30 September 38 Elizabeth. Signed: [Fowlke] Grevyle. Seal and tag gone. Witnesses: Will'm Carew, John Norton. Tear in left hand margin. Endorsed c. 1615: Godfreye Morlin his lease Dat' 30 7bris To be renewed at yearly rent of 50.00 (Elsewhere) Mich. Elizabeth the concurant year of the King (In another hand) Godfrey Morlens lease of land in Michaellstaunton. for 21 yeares Payeinge xxxij supl; supi; sup;'; xj sups;. iiij supd; per annum