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Autograph Collection: miscellaneous


Miscellaneous letters and manuscript notes from various sources (formerly A5), comprising:

/1: a batch of letters from F.R.Benson, and others, to members of the Flower family on Shakespeare Memorial Theatre business, 1891, 1899-1902;

/2: letters of Marie Corelli, 1890-1901;

/3: letters from Lord Ronald Sutherland Gower to John O'Connor, scenic artist at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, 1879-1888;

/4: papers from the effects of James Sharp, mostly relating to the Royal Shakespearean Club, Stratford-upon-Avon, 1799-1831

/5: two items relating to the actor, William Henry Oxberry (1808-1852)

/6: papers from the collections of Mrs M. Edith Cabourn

/7: miscellaneous letters etc arranged alphabetically writer