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Gift from Robert de Stutevill' to Stephen de Segrave of lands in Bringelawe


Gift with warranty from Robert de Stutevill' to Stephen de Segrave for his homage and service, of all his land of Bringelawe with appurtenances namely whatsoever he had in the said Manor [of Brinklow] without retaining anything; to hold to the same Stephen and his heirs for ever by service of one knight's fee; and for this the said Stephen gives 40 pounds. Witnesses: William de Stutevill', John de Stutevill', Robert Paselewe, John de Riperia, William de Sancto Edmundo, Roger de Siferwast, Roger de Turkilby, Walter Merchet and others. Seal on tag: circular, white, varnished. Arms, Barry a lion rampant. Legend: S. ROBERTI DE S[TU]TEVILL'. Endorsed: i) Brinkelawe de dono Roberti de Stutovill' [contemp] ii) Comitatus Warr' iii) Lorde Segrave [AG]