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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Avicia Le Taylur to Walter called Banne of a messuage in Coventr' lying between the land which Henry Baker (Pistor) formerly held and the land which Henry Taylor (Cissor) held; to hold of the said Avicia rendering annually to Henry Baker (Pistori) of Coventr' 2 shillings and 6 pence (4 terms). Witnesses: Robert de Chiltoun', Alexander the vintner (vinitario), Thomas le Moubray, Walter Bakun, Nicholas de Derbi, John Saumsum, Anketill Clerk and many others. Seal on tag: oval, white, indecipherable. Endorsed: ii sups;.vi supd;. redditus. ii sups;.vi supd;. [AG]