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Gift from William Medilton' to William Hudson' and Elya Rybchestor of a croft in Barkeswell


Gift with warranty from William Medilton' of Barkeswell' to William Hudson' and Elya Rybchestor, chaplain, of a croft in Barkeswell' called Foure Acras lying between the lane leading from Est Endegrene towards the tenement of William Hawe and the land of William Hudson' in width, and in length lying between the lane which leads between the demesne lands of Allesley and Barkeswell' and the land of William Hudson'; to hold of the said William Hudson for ever paying annually 4 pence at the feast of St Michael. Witnesses: William Hawe, Hanry Hall', William Pave and others. Dated at Barkeswell', 2 January, 21 Edward IV (2 Jan 1481/2). Seal on tag: circular, red. A monogram. Endorsed: a grant of Will. Midleton of Carkswell to Will. Hudson and Ely Ritchester of a croft in Carkswell called 4 acres. Edw. 4. 21.