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Gift in frankalmoign from Roger [de Mulbraio] of part of his wood of Brinkalaue


Gift in frankalmoign from Roger [de Nolbraio to God and the Church of the Blessed Mary of Cumbe and the Monks there serving God] of part of his wood of Brinkalaue, that part namely --- from Maiweia to the road which is between the said Grove --- [Brink]elaue and from Walweia which is between that part of the Grove --- to the boundaries of Brandune; and for this the said monks have given him 80 marks. Witnesses: --- Walter Bricon', Hamo Bel', Hamo Lestraunge, Philip de Muntepincun, He---, Robert de Wauarn, William Cam', Peter son of Hamo Lestraunge, Ralph son of Richard ---, Dispenser, Ralph son of Geoffrey, Robert the Clerk, Raynuld de Mandauill', Robert son of ---. Seal on tag: circular, of white wax, varnished brown. A knight in armour on horseback, broken. Endorsed: Roger de Molbrai de parte nemoris de Brinkelaue ad custodiendum et sartandum et ad vellem suum faciendum. [contemp]