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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Richard son of Thomas Winterking of Coventr' to Stephen de Cleybrok, weaver, of the half of his curtilage in `Vico Comitis' [Earl Street] in Coventr', lying in breadth between the land which Thomas de Lamine held and the land which William de Neuton' held and extending in length from `magno vico comitis' to the ditch called Hersomdich, namely that half nearer the land held by the said William de Neuton'; to hold the same of the said Richard rendering annually 12 pence (4 terms) and one halfpenny at Easter; and for this the said Stephen gives one mark of silver, and should the said Stephen ever be in the said Richard's mercy, he will be quit of the payment of 4 pence. Witnesses: Richard de Bokervill', bailiff, Pagan Pak', Alexander de Glovernia, William Weaver (Textore), Henry Dobedy, Thomas de la Mine, Hugh le Bretun clerk, and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: xii supd;. obolum Hersumdich [AG]