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Gift from Richard Moryse to John Kockes of lands


Gift with warranty from Richard Moryse of Brynkelowe to John Kockes of the same town of two selions of arable land with all appurtenances lying in the field called Ryefurlong next the land of the Abbot of Combe on the one side and the land of John Parys on the other in length and in breadth according to the metes and bounds; to hold the same rendering annually to the chief lord of that fee at the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist 3 halfpence. Witnesses: Henry Moryse, William Weuor, Richard Kyng', John Rouse, Richard Porter, John Merton', Richard Hauker, Henry Paryse and many others. Dated at Brynkelowe in the feast of All Saints, 17 Richard II. Seal on tag: circular, green. Legend: WAKE---ONAI Endorsed: i) with a list of names including: William Kyrkebye, William Colman, John Rufus, Henry Margery, Robert Eyre, John Morleye, John Fylyngley and others, with sums of money entered against each [faded] ii) ii festa. i supd;. obolum [AG]

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    [01/11/1393], in the feast of All Saints 17 Richard II

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