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Combe deeds and papers


Charter of Roger de Molb'io [Mowbray] addressed to Walter [Durdent] Bishop of Coventry. confirming to the monks of Cumba in free alms all the land of Smita given to the said monks for the founding of a Cistercian abbey by Richard de Camvill' who held the land of the said Roger for the service of one knight. This the said Roger remits and agrees to render the service of another knight to the Earl of Leicester for Brinkelawe [Brinklow] so that the monks shall owe the said Roger no secular service. The said Roger also grants the dead wood in his wood of Burtleia [Birchly Wood in Brinklow] together with rights of pasture and pannage. Witnesses: Roger de Flamvill', Herbert de Morevill', Richard his son, William de Arches, Robert de Daivill', Bertrand Haget, William his son, William de Camvill', Ralph de Belveir, Robert his brother, Ralph de Betlum and many others. Lower part of tag and seal cut away. Endorsed: i) Carta Rogerii de Molbraio de Smita [contemp] ii) Tenura de Brink' per i supu; sups; feodi --- Burteley pannagium et pastura [AG]