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Corley deeds and papers


Lease from William prior of Coventr' and the convent of the same to Richard de Barra of Corleya of 2 crofts belonging to the church of Corleya, one lying between the land of the said Richard and that of John de Barra, the other called Misacres with a certain part of a grove in Thachele belonging to the said church, with the provision that the said Richard should not fell any oak or ash trees in the said grove; to hold of the said convent for a term of 16 years from the feast of St. Michael, 1261, paying annually 5 shillings (4 terms) and the said Richard shall put these two crofts into cultivation and marl them so that at the end of the 16 years they will revert to the said prior and convent in a better condition. Witnesses: Gerard de Allespath, William Waldwych', John de Fillingel', Richard Ernys, Robert de Chocherio, Robert de Chilton', Adam le Grauenter and others. Seal on tag: oval, white. A fleur de lis. Legend: S--- DE BARRE Endorsed: de terra Bar' de Corleye