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Coventry deeds and papers - Gift with warranty


Gift with warranty from John called Payn of Coventr' to Henry Baker (Pistori) and Agnes his wife of Coventr' of all his land with all buildings and the new room built there in Coventr' in `vico comitis' [Earl Street] which lies between the land which Thomas Marye held and the lands which the said John and Nicholas de Allyspath' hold in length, and in breadth from the said street to the garden of the Prior of Coventr'; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee.

Witnesses: Gerard de Allyspath', bailiff of Coventr', Robert de Chilton', Hugh le Hoser, Peter Walensis, Richard le Brocher', William Vtting, Richer' de Weston', William de Eggysfeld', Thomas de Fakynham, Adam Colbrond, Richard de Asseby, Thomas de Barsham, Robert the Miller (molendinario), William Crumpe, Hugh le Bretun and others.
Seal on tag: a pointed oval, dark green, damaged. A fleur de lys surmounted by a bird.
Legend: [S] IOH'IS PAYN ---
Endorsed: Carta de tenemento Roberti Marie in ?vico Comitis xiii supd;.