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Combe deeds and papers


Confirmation from Robert son of earl Robert of Leicester to God and Saint Mary of Cumba and the monks of the Cistercian order there serving God, for the souls of his father and mother and ancestors and for the safety of his own body and soul and of his wife and children, of the gift of his father Robert to the said abbey of the land of Smithe which Richard de Camvilla held of his (Robert the younger's) fee. Witnesses: Richard abbot of Legr', Thurstan abbot of Gerad' [Garendon], Robert abbot of Pipwell', Ralph Basset, William de Hasting', William Burdet, Ernulf de Bosco, Ivo de Harwecurt, Richard Mall' and Ancarill' Mall' his brother, Ivo de Hallespad', Geoffrey `dispensario' his brother and many others. Seal on tag: circular, brown, originally c. 3 ins. in diameter but now large fragment only. Equestrian. Most of legend missing.