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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Sir John de Segrave, knight, to John de Langele of Coventr', merchant, of a certain plot of land which he had in the lane called Cheylesmorlone in Coventr' with all buildings erected thereon, which plot contained 18 1/2 feet between the land of the kiln (furni) belonging to Thomas de Polesworthe, merchant, and the land of Ralph le Keu, and containing 21 feet between the said lane and the land of Robert Faccon; to hold of the said Sir John rendering annually 3 shillings (4 terms), and suit of court. Witnesses: Anketill de Coleshul, bailiff of Coventr', John Leofwyne, corner, Robert Baker (Pistore), Adam Russel, Nicholas Crumpe, Peter Barun, Mathew de Ruyton', Richard de la Muyre, Roger Clerk and others. Seal on tag: circular, green, on a shield a lion rampant. Legend: S' JOHI[S DE] SEG[RAV]E Endorsed: i) Carta de Rowe shoppes de Fierelone de Coventre ii) iii sups;. chief; this is parcell of the Servyce of my mannor in Coventry. Secta Curie Coventry [AG] iii) Segrave sigillum ad arma [AG]