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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Nicholas son of Nicholas son of Liulf to William Crude of his land in `vico Comitis' [Earl Street] which he held of Nicholas his father lying between the land which Nicholas Carter (Carectarius) held and `viam Balii' [Bailey Lane] in length; to hold the same of the said Nicholas free from toll of horses and rendering annually 12 pence of silver (4 terms); and the said Nicholas also grants to the said William the right of pasturage for two cows in his pasture with his own cows; and for this the said William gives one mark of silver. Witnesses: Richard de Aula, Richard de Wigorn', Viellus de Folkeshull', Richard de Hundelan' Swan Parcar', Hugh son of Martin, William Fordwin', Roger `Gardinario', Adam Herre, Nicholas Carter (Carectario), William son of Helewis, Richard son of Richard son of Siward, Adam Clerk and many others. Seal on tag: circular, green, broken. A spread eagle. Legend: SIGILL' NICOLAI --- LVI. Endorsed: i) Carta domini Nicholai filii Nicholai de Covintr' de terra Willelmi Crude [contemp] ii) xii supd;. redditus Langeley [AG] iii) Toll free [AG] iv) Matilda heres Liulphi habuit exitum et fuit uxor Galfridi Langely [AG] v) Family tree