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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Stephen le Marchal of Coventr' son of John le Marchal to Reginald Ballard, merchant, and Felicia his wife, of certain land which he had in Lodeloweslone in Coventr' with the buildings thereon and easements thereto, lying in breadth between the land of Dom Hugh le Gras, chaplain, and the land of William le Parker and extending in length from the lane called Lodelowlone to the land of the aforesaid Reginald and Felicia; to hold the same of the chief lords of the fee, i.e. William le Parker and Alexander le Vineter of Coventr', rendering annually to the former one clove of gillyflower at Easter, and to the latter 2 shillings (4 terms); and for this the said Reginald and Felicia give 7 marks. Witnesses: Henry Baker (Pistore), bailiff of Coventr', Richard de Weston', Henry Ballard, Adam Russel, John de Langeleye, John Dobedy, Richard de la Muyre, William Grauntpe, Geoffrey le Chaloner and others. Seal lost: a fragment of a later court roll has been substituted for the tag. Endorsed: i) Stephanus le Marchal' ii) Lodelowe Lone in Coventry sive Chylesmore Lone [AG] iii) ii sups;. [AG]