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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Margery widow of Philip le Gynor, of Coventr', to Agnes widow of Henry Ballard of Coventr' of a messuage lying in Cheylesmorlane in Coventr' between the land of the Prior and Convent of Coventr' and the land of Stephen le Mareschal in breadth, and extending in length from the highway to the land of John de Catesby; to hold the same to the said Agnes, for the remainder of the life of the said Margery, of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Robert Baker (Pistore), Peter Barun, William de Schepeye, Roger Dayeseye, John de Langeleye, Richard le Mercer, John le Gover' and others. Dated at Coventr': Saturday next after the feast of St. Laurence 1307. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, dark green. An eight pointed star. Legend: S. MARGE[RIE DE] WITLOKISFORD. Endorsed: i) Frerelone ii) Carta unius mesuagii in Frerelane facta Anno primo Edwardi secundi iii) Heredi tamen tum Johannis Langley nunc Thome Gregory primo Edwardi secundi iv) Langley [AG] v) Parcella capitalis mesuagii ad latam portam [AG]