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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John son of Henry Ballard of Coventr' to John de Langeleye of Coventr' and Alice his wife of 8s.5d. rent in Coventr' which he used to receive from the following tenements; namely, from the tenement which Richard le Conureour once held in `vico comitis' [Earl Street] towards Smythesforde 4 shillings; from the tenement which Thomas de Breforde once held in the same street 2 shillings; from the tenement once belonging to John le Butterer in `minori vico parci' [Little Park Street] 16 pence, and from the tenement once belonging to Margery widow of Philip le Gynour in Cheylesmorlane, 13 pence, which Hugh de Chaucoumbe and Margery his wife are accustomed to pay for the said tenement which they hold of the inheritance of the grantor for the term of the life of the said Margery; to hold the same and also the reversion of the tenement in Cheylesmorlane after the death of the said Margery to the said John de Langeleye and Alice his wife and the heirs of the body of the said Alice lawfully begotten of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Robert de Stokes, Anketin' de Coleshull', bailiff of Coventr', Roger de Pakwode, coroner, Peter Baroun, William Graunpe, senior, William de Braundeston', John Myldenhale, Adam le Seler, Richard le Mercer, William de Wylye, clerk, and others. Dated at Coventr' 21 May, 4 Edward II. Seal on tag: circular, light green. A quatrefoil. Legend: [S'] IOH'S FIL' HENR' BA[LLARD], damaged. The tag part of an earlier document. Endorsed: i) Carta Johannis Ballard de octo solidatis et quinque redditus prout patet infra ii) Chiltone, Ballard, Frerelone sive Ludlowes Lone iii) iiii sups;. ii sups;. xvi supd;. [AG] iv) vi sups;. chief in Coventry. Langley [AG]