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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Thomas de Thorndon' of Hulle and Juliana his wife to Ralph son of Thomas de Thorndon' of one messuage in Hulle and seven butts of arable land in the fields of the same town; which messuage lies in Hulle between the tenement of Thomas Gilbard' and the tenement of Isolda daughter of Philip Jones of Hulle; and the said seven butts lie dispersedly in the said fields, namely two butts in Le Huyrne between the land of Alexander de Schyrford' and the land of Peter le Large, another butt `Abovetoun' next the hedge, another butt `atte Piletputes' next the headland of Thomas Daddeley, two other butts `atte Heye' between the land of Richard Malyn on both sides and another butt in le Brockfeld' next the hedge; to hold the same for the life of the said Ralph, rendering annually to the said Juliana 2 pence, and serving the said Thomas and Juliana as is the custom for a household servant (more famuli vel garcienis famulantis); and the said Thomas may not commit any waste or cut down any trees without the consent of the lessors. Witnesses: Philip Jones, John de Braundon', Alexander de Schyrford', Richard Malyn, Thomas de Daddeleye and others. Dated at Hulle, Wednesday in the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, 19 Edward III. Two seals on tags; circular, black: i) a pelican in its piety, legend illegible ii) indecipherable Endorsed: i) vii buttes ii) Richardus Malyn de Kinghill, anno 19 E.3 [AG]