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Stivichall deeds and papers


Attested copy of the will of Arthur Gregory of Stivichall, esq., with the following bequests: To Henry Watson Powell of Warwick, esq., and Charles Wallet Willis of Erdington, esq., his mansion house at Stivichall, together with the manor and all his estate in Stivichall, and two closes in the parish of St. Michael, Coventry, in trust to raise 6000 pounds to be divided equally amongst his four daughters, Ann, Mary, Frances and Lucy and his two younger sons, Arthur Thomas and Arthur Robert Gregory, to be paid them on the day of their marriage or their coming of age; To John Hammond Lucy of Charlcott, clerk, and Edward Inge of Coventry, gent., all the said manor and estate, subject to the above trusts, in trust for his wife Ann Gregory for life, and then for his eldest son, Francis Gregory in tail male, with reversion, in default, to his three other sons, Arthur William, Arthur Thomas and Arthur Robert Gregory in tail male; To the said John Hammond Lucy and Edward Inge, all his messuages, lands and tenements in Brincklow, Hill and Stoneleigh to which he is entitled by the settlement made on 24 January 1739/40 on his marriage with his first wife, Mary Bowater [see no. 185a] to hold in trust for the same uses; To the said John Hammond Lucy and Edward Inge, the residue of a term of years in a lease from Christ's College, Cambridge, dated 20 April 1782, of all their lands in Stivichall containing eighteen acres one rood and eighteen perches and two pightles of land in Stivichall called College Close and Stone Acres, to hold in trust for the same uses; To his eldest son, Francis Gregory, the advowson of Stivichall church and Corley church in tail male with reversion as before; To his wife, Ann Gregory, whom he appoints as his executrix, the residue of his personal estate. Signed: A. Gregory Witnesses: B. Toms, Bradford Wilmer, John Lea. Copy dated 7 January 1792 and signed by J. Bosworth and George Pickard.