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Duchess of Dudley's charity


Indenture between Sir Fulware Skipwith bart.and Humberston his son and heir apparent, of the one part; Charles 2nd son of Thomas lord Leigh Nicholas Steward of Patteshall, esquire, George Grindon of Bucksley gent., and Andrew Worth of St Giles in the fields, gent.,and William Ewyns of Marlcliffe gent.of the other part; citing the will of Lady Alicia Dudley, settling the lands in Bidford held of the mnaor there, and adecree in Chancery of the 24th of June 1670, in a suit between Lady Katherine Leveson daughter of Lady Alicia ,against Thomas lord Leigh and other trustees of the charity being an agreement respecting chief rents. Signed and sealed by Sir Fulware and his son. Seals lost.T. S.Clerke, Mich.Wrighton, Wm Martyn, Will: Aisley.