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Ratby, Leics., deeds and papers


Lease from William Ferrers lord of Groby to Roger Holand and Thomas Holand his son of Neuton' Lynforth', co. Leics., husbandmen, of the wood and underwood growing in a copse (copy) called Shotehedgez, excepting all the oaks within the said copy growing, also the oaklings, ashes, crabtrees and hollies (holeez); and the said Roger and Thomas shall cut down the said wood and underwood without let or hindrance; to hold the issues of the said wood of the said William to the feast of St. Margaret next, and for four years more from that date, paying now £13.6s. 8d., and at Easter next £8. 13s. 4d.; and should there be three or four standards of oak of eight inches above man's breast height on one stem (stoven) growing then to leave them, but if there be six, ten or twelve of the same then to leave on two standards; and the said Roger and Thomas shall not take the wood and underwood growing within the dyke of the said copy, to wit from the corner of the wall beneath the gate to the corner of the wall on the northside at Barnehulles. Dated at Groby, at the Feast of the Purification, 23 Henry VI Seal on tag: circular, red: armorial. On a shield seven mascules conjoined, the whole surmounted by a crest. Legend: S'WILLE-------GROBY. Fine impression but large fragment only. Endorsed: William Fereres and Richard Holland [LG]