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Legal cases - Gregory family


Signed copy of the report of Sir Edward Clarke, in the case between Simon Chamber and John Gregory, in accordance with an order of 21 May last; that he cannot find any positive proof what lands were entailed before the plaintiff's claim; but that, as to the manor of Brinklow, it is proved that Arthur Gregory purchased Castle Hills in Brinklow of William Dawes, for a copy of a recovery was produced, of 31-32 Elizabeth, suffered by William Dawes and William his son to Arthur Gregory of four acres and £3. 16s. 0d. [rent] in Brinklow; that, as regards the lands in Meriden, one witness deposed that Arthur Gregory purchased them of Mark Cro, the father, about 35 Elizabeth, because he has a bill for 20 marks made by the said Arthur Gregory to the said Mark for the purchase of the said lands; that, as regards the lands in Corly, one witness deposed that at the trial it was proved that eight acres, a close of five acres and a little close wherein a house stands descended from Arthur to the defendant. As regards the lands in Stivechall, it is proved by Henry Benet that they were the Lord Barkle's lands and that about 80 years ago they came into Arthur Gregory's possession; and it is also proved, on the evidence of Bennett Godfrye and Richard Gregory, that it was found by a jury at an inquisition of office that certain lands in Stivechall were liable to a statute of 500 marks acknowledged by the said Arthur Gregorye, but they did not know whether the lands were entailed; that Richard Gregory deposed that about 60 years ago Arthur delivered possession of a small close in Stivechall to the earl of Huntingdon, now in the possession of the said Richard, and that the said Richard's father, George, affirmed that Arthur had entailed all his lands; that Henry Timme deposed that he knew the said Arthur for 30 years before his decease, and heard him affirm that he was seised of the manor of Kingshall and lands in Coventrie, Stivechall and Brinklow in fee tail; that from the evidence of these two last depositions and the deeds mentioned in his former report and now produced again, it appears that the said Arthur had entailed all his lands.