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Knight of Barrells


Acquittance from Thomas Woodward of Beoly co. Worcs. yeoman to Robert Mander executor of the will of Thomas Nicholls for the sum of £10 in full for one and a half year's rent due Lady Day 1723 for a house and lands then in the possession of Solomon Poole, being due to him by the will of the said Thomas Nicholls, the half year's rent that was due at Michaelmas last to be received by him (Thomas Woodward). Dated: 5 January 1721. Signed by the mark of Thomas Woodward. Witnesses: Mary Knight, Ra: Knight. Note. The writer has inserted the words ' half' and altered 1722 to 1723. Endorsed in same hand: A receipt from Thos. Woodward to Robert Mander for rent of Lea Croft. [Purchase No. 26]