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Feoffment from John Judde to Hugh Cokkes of a messuage in Allesley


Feoffment with warranty from John Judde of Allysley to Hugh Cokkes of Allysley, husbandman, of a messuage in Allysley situate between the land lately of John Auncell' and the land of John Smyth in breadth, and in length reaching from the King's highway to the land called Walkersgrove, which messuage the grantor had by the gift of John Toberd of Barkyswell'; also a chief rent of 1 1/2 d. paid annually at Michaelmas, from a cottage and garden in the tenure of Denise Neylder, widow, which cottage and garden was purchased by John Neylde, formerly husband of the said Denise, from John Smyth, late of Coventr', baker; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Appointment of Henry Hall of Allysley as attorney to deliver seisin. Witnesses: William Herryng of Allysley, Richard Colman' of the same, William Lynes of the same and many others. Dated at Allysley, the penultimate day of January, 2 Henry VIII (30 Jan 1510/11). Seal on tag: oval, red, imperfect. A crowned letter I. Endorsed: id.ob sold by John Judde to Hugh Coxe. Allesley [AG]

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    [30/01/1511], penultimate day of January 2 Henry VIII

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