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Itchington, Bishops


Confirmation from Sir Thomas Leigh of Stoneleigh to Thomas Cox of Bishops Itchington, gent., of the manor of Nether Itchington in Bishops Itchington and the land belonging thereto, reciting: i) 8 February 1601/2 : conveyance from Sir Thomas Leigh and John Temple esq., to John Fisher, Thomas Wagstaff, Richard Venor and Edward Murcott, gentlemen, of premises in Bishops Itchington, Avon Dassett, Ashorne, Chesterton, Claverdon, Whitnash and Radford. ii) 20 June 1602: conveyance from Thomas Wagstaff, Richard Vener and Edward Murcott to John Fisher of premises in Tachbrooke, Bishops Itchington, Chadshunt and Stivichall. iii) 30 January 1603/4: conveyance from John Fisher to Thomas Cox of the manor of Nether Itchington and premises in Bishops Itchington, Gaydon, Avon Dassett, Ashorne, Claverdon, Whitnash, Chesterton, Radford, Ladbrooke, Harbury, Northend and Napton. iv) 13 January 1605/6: conveyance from John Fisher to Thomas Lapworth, yeoman, of the manor of Upper Itchington in Bishops Itchington.