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Old Stratford, Shottery, Welcombe, Wilmcote, etc.


Lease from Sir Charles Smyth, of Wawenswootton, Knt., and Elizabeth, his wife, Sir John Curson, of Waterperrye, co. Oxon., Knt., Sir William Forde, of Uparke, in the parish of Hasting, co. Sussex, Knt., and George Markham of Ollerton, co. Notts., esq., to John Burman of Shottery, yeoman, of a sixth part of lands in Shottery called Willowe peece alias Berrye willowe, the Greene peece, Yernsill, Bawdonhill peece, Arbourhill peece Ould Shotterye, Starchall, Rysam, and Broadmeadow, etc. being parcel of lands lately purchased from the King and in the occupation of Roger Barnard, to hold the same for 24 years at a yearly rent of £12.16.8. Witnesses: William Knight, Richard Rowley, William Fetherston, Robert Poole.