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Release: Clopton, Ingon, Rhyn Clifford, Bridgetown, Hampton Lucy, Shottery, Old Stratford and Welcombe


Release dated 28 May 10 Elizabeth [1568] by William Porter, late of Astone under Edge, co. Glouc., gent., to William Clopton of Clopton, esq., of all his claims to the manors etc. of Clopton, Ingon alias Ington, Ryon Clyffords and Bridgetowne, with their appurtenances in Clopton, Ingon, Ryon Clyfforde and Bridgetowne, Busshoppes Hampton [Hampton Lucy], Shotterye, Olde Stratforde and Welcom, with covenants to make assurance except as against William Bott, concerning a leasow in Nether Ingon [Lower Ingon] in the tenure of Richard Charnocke, and a windmill, 4 yards of arable land and 29 `leise' in the town-fields of Stratford whereof he made an estate to the said William Bott on 3 April 6 Elizabeth [1564]. Witnesses: Raff Sheldon, Francis Alford and Thomas Hulson.