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Covenants: Ingon and Welcombe


Covenants dated Dated 20 February 28 Elizabeth [1586], between William Clopton senior, of Clopton, esq. and John Clopton of Sledwiche, co. Durham, esq., on a Marriage between William Clopton, gent., son of the said John Clopton, and Anne, one of the daughters of the said William Clopton, senior, for the settlement by the last named of lands called Parrottes Fursen and Hogges leasowes and Ingon grove in Bishopshampton [Hampton Lucy] and Wellcome Meadow in Stratford-on-Avon, to his own use for life with remainder to his issue male successively in tail, and in default to the said William and Anne and the heirs of the body of the said Anne; with recital of other covenants. Witnesses: Thomas Crompton, Richard Swifte, George Jackson, James Woodward and Christopher Freman.