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Letter of Attorney to deliver Seisin: Bridge Street, Stratford-upon-Avon


Letter of Attorney from John Staffordsher of Ryen Clifford and Joan, his wife to John Brygges of Stratford, gent., and Thomas Staffordsher of the same place, yeoman, for the delivery to Hugh Chesnalle, clerk, and Thomas Chylde, chaplain, of seisin in the tenement in 'Bryggestrete'[Bridge Street] between the tenement of Richard Bentley on the West and wasteland of Richard Stowe on the East. Witnesses: John Brystwelle, Master of the Guild of Stratford, Richard Bentley, capital Bailiff, Roger Pagett, alderman, and John Power and Richard Persons, sub-bailiffs. Dated at Stratford, 31 March, 5 Henry VII [1490]. Seal : Oval, red wax, crowned I.