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Bargain and Sale: Honington


Bargain and Sale between Sir Henry John Parker of Honington, Bart. and Joseph Townsend of New Burlington Street, London, esq. of the first part, John Rayner of Old Fish Street, London, gent. of the second part and Thomas Wilson of Charing Cross, London, esq. of the third part, whereby for the purpose of barring the estate tail of Sir Henry John Parker in hereditaments in Honington, they, the said Sir Henry John Parker and Joseph Townsend, conveyed to John Rayner all their estate and interest in hereditaments in Honington (sold by Sir Henry John Parker to Joseph Townsend by ER3/2026-2027) to the use that, he the said John Rayner, might be tenant in an action for recovery of the said premises wherein Thomas Wilson should be demandant and Sir Henry John Parker vouchee. Witnesses: Benjamin l'huile, James Cox and A. Trevor.

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