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Probate of Will: Winchester Street and Old Street, London


Probate of the Will dated 6 May 1725, of Joseph Townsend, brewer of London, directing that he should be buried in Tindell's Burying Ground in Bunhill fields near the body of Mary his first wife; and mentioning Anne Beacon his late wife, Maria his then present wife, his sons Joseph Townsend and Thomas Beacon Townsend, his daughters Mary Ferguson (wife of Robert Ferguson) and Elizabeth Reynardson (wife of Abraham Reynardson), his sister Susanna Roberts (wife of Samuel Roberts), his nieces Elizabeth and Hannah Swanwicke; mentioning also his house in Whinchester Street, London, and his brewery in Old Street in the parish of St. Giles, Cripplegate, which he devised to Maria his wife with remainder to his second son Thomas Beacon Townsend. Witnesses: Charles Bernard, William Round and J. Halley. Proved in London, 12 December 1728.