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Release: Church Street and [Chapel Lane?], Stratford-upon-Avon


Release dated 24 December 1709, by William Warry, late of Stratford-upon-Avon and now of Banbury, co. Oxon., innholder and Joyce his wife, to Joseph Smith of Stratford, ironmonger, of the equity of redemption of a mortgage, dated 8 December 1693, of a Lease from the Mayor, etc. of Stratford for 41 years of a messuage, etc. in the lane near Church Street late in the tenures of Mr. Walford, William Cooke and Thomas George, to secure the payment of £120 and interest and of a mortgage dated 23 December 1700, of a lease for 41 years of a messuage in Church Street divided into two dwellings, one in the tenure of the said William Warry, the other late in the tenure of John Stanton and now in the tenure of Mr. Paston's widow, to secure the payment of £130 with interest. Also a further mortgage by the same to the same of a newly erected shop, etc. in Church Street, adjoining the said late dwelling house of the said William Warry, and also a piece of ground 23 1/2 feet x 8 feet and a piece of ground 58ft x 24 1/2ft to secure the payment of £281 17s. 6d. on 25 June following. Witnesses: William Challoner, Nathaniel Mason and John Woolmer. Endorsed with acquittance from W. Warry to Joseph Smith for £10.16s.4d. dated 24 December.