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Whoberley in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Copy of a bargain and sale from John Wayde of Coventr', gent., to Thomas Gregorie, gent., and Richard Mundy of the same city, mercer, of the manor of Waberley in the parish of Stoneley and a house in Coventr' in the tenure of the said John Wayde; also all his messuages in Fletchamstede in the parish of Stoneley, a grove and a parcel of land called Estenmore in Awesley and all his messuages in Alsept' and Meryden'; to hold the same for the use of Christopher Wayde, son and heir of the said John Wayde, and his heirs, or in default for John Wayde, another of his sons, and his heirs, or in default, for Samuel Waide, another of his sons, and his heirs; and no act of the said Christopher Wayde or his heirs etc. which is in breach of these arrangements shall be valid. Dated: 28 November, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary. Memorandum that the said John Waide acknowledged this deed in the court at Westminster on 9 March of the same year. Endorsed: i) Flechamsted ---- Arther Gregory ii) Waid Christopher

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