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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Exemplification of a fine levied at Westminster, Michaelmas Term 13 Elizabeth, between Henry, earl of Huntingdon, Robert Dymoke, esq., Ralph Segrave, esq., John Gregory, esq., and Ralph Ridgeley, esq., plaintiffs, and Arthur Gregory, esq., deforciant, of the manors of Kingeshull and Stivinghale and twenty messuages, three mills, three dovecots, five hundred acres of land, two hundred acres of meadow, three hundred acres of pasture, six hundred acres of wood, two hundred acres of heath, twenty acres of land covered by water, common of pasture for eighty oxen in Dalley and Armeley, and fishing in the Sowe, Avene and Sherborn' and 50 shillings, two pounds of pepper and two roses, rents, in Kingeshull, Stivechale, Finham, Canley, Flechamsted and Stoneley, and view of frankpledge in Stivechale. The said Arthur recognised the said premises to be the right of the said Earl Henry, Robert, Ralph, John and Ralph, as by his gift; and for this they give to the said Arthur 280 pounds. Exemplification dated ?18 October, 13 Elizabeth. Seal and tag lost. Endorsed: a fine of landes in Kingshull

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Original fine engrossed in Greg. Cart. ff. 230v-231.