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Declaration by Philip Wenman of Thame park co. Oxon. esq. and Sir Francis Wenman of Caswell same co. kt. that in indentures of lease and release dated 10-11 March 1661/2 (DR98/1766-67), their names were used only in trust for the said Thomas Viscount Wenman, and that they were bound to convey the manor of Lighthorne and all messuages and lands mentioned in those indentures to such person or persons as the said Thomas Viscount Wenman should appoint, and failing such appointment, after the death of the said Thomas to his grandchild Sir Grevill Verney K.B. within 6 months of his attaining the age of 21, in lieu of the sum of £8,669 which would then be due to him from the said Thomas Viscount Wenman. If however Sir Grevill Verney should refuse to accept the property, the trustees were to sell it and place the sum so raised towards the debt then due. In the event of Sir Grevill's dying in the life-time of Thomas Viscount Wenman while still under age, the trustees were, after Thomas's death, to convey the property to Thomas Wenman son and heir of the said Sir Francis Wenman, with remainder to Ferdinando Wenman, another son of Sir Francis, and thereafter to Richard Wenman a third son of Sir Francis. Signed: Phi: Wenman, Fra: Wenman. Two seals on tags. One has a piece chipped out. Witnesses: Jo: Brooke, Denis Fromentin, Sym: Eaton, Will: Webb, Abra: Bergo. Filed with nos. 19-20 and 22.