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Coventry deeds and papers


Probate copy of the will of William Hudson' of Coventr' notary, who after bequests to the cathedral church of St. Mary, Coventr', to the Carthusians, to the Carmelite Friars, to the Friars Minor and to the poor of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist and also for the building of Bradfilde Church where testator was born, directs his feoffees to convey to the prior and convent of the said cathedral church his lands, etc. in Stischall' [Stivichall] to the intent that an obit etc. should be made yearly for him and his wife and Master John Norton' as well as for other purposes; also that they should convey to the prior and convent of Charturhows his place in Gosford Strete for an obit etc. yearly for him and his wife and to pay his debts at his decease; and he devises to his daughter Agnes and the heirs of her body after the death of his wife, his place in Cokestrete, a cottage in Doglane and two groves in Barkyswell [Berkswell] called Walsall' groves which he bought of Roger Cuttlar, with remainder in default of issue of the said Agnes, to John son of the testator and the heirs of his body; and he devises the residue of his livelihood to his wife, that is to say, the house wherein John London' lives, the house wherein Mathew More formerly dwelt, a house in Mychpark Strete against the well there, occupied by William Bryd and the widow Pawnton', the house at the Spon' wherein William Woderoff lives, two new houses in Hilstrete on the town side and three barns on the other side with the timberyard and the croft stretching to the water at Hylmilne, a place in Bedworth, a field in Whaburley [Whoberley] called Scottesfilde, two fields in Barkeswell' with two groves called the `nedor' (nether) Fennes and Over Fennes, a grove with a pasture and meadow pleck called Nine Acres in the parish of Allesley and another field adjoining the last called Barnesley fyld, and a pasture in the same parish called Estendmor'; to hold to his wife for her life with remainder to his son John and his heirs; and he bequeaths his breviaries books and clothing not already bequeathed to his son John and directs that his wife should pay to the said John five marks yearly if he would reside at Oxford, and if he would be married he bequeaths to him a piece of silver of the value of 20 shillings, a standing mazer, a little salt of silver, six spoons of silver, two basins, two lavers, two pots, two pans and moneys worth to the value of 20 marks; and he bequeaths to his daughter Agnes, and after her death to Elizabeth her daughter, a piece which belonged to Godyth Balys, a mazer which belonged to Master Twyse, six silver spoons, two basins, two lavers and two pots; and he bequeaths to Alan Stanwardyne his great grey horse and two oxen, and to Elizabeth daughter of the said Alan a 4 year old cow; to Thomas Ludford of Shustok two young oxen for his plough and the red horse; to Elizabeth wife of the said Thomas a cow, a dozen sheep and two oxen; to William his son a gown and 20 shillings, and to his brother Richard a gown; and the testator appointed Joan his wife his executrix. Seal of red wax on tongue. A fragment only. Probate granted at Coventr' to the said Joan 18 October 1486. Endorsed: William Hudson of Coventry, notarius his will, anno domini 1486 [AG]