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Stivichall deeds and papers


Attested copy of agreement between the Mayor, Bailiffs and Commonalty of Coventry and Bartholomew Tate of Delaprye [Delapr eacute;] in the parish of Hardingston, co. Northampton, esq. concerning the tithes of Stichall, and the decayed villages of Horwell and Asthull, claimed by the Mayor, etc. as pertaining to the rectory of St. Michael's Coventry, and by Bartholomew Tate as granted by letters patent to Sir Christopher Hatton whose estate therein Tate possessed. The agreement established that the tithes in Asthull and Horwell with pastures, woods, etc. on the right hand side of the road leading from the corner of the great park called Kings Park at Stichall Lane End towards the town of Warwick should belong to the Mayor, Bailiffs and Commonalty, while the houses, chapel, church, churchyard, etc., in tenure of Edward Hill in Stichall and all tithes arising from lands in Stichall on the left hand side of the highway aforesaid, should belong to Bartholomew Tate. Witnesses: Henry Kervyn, Thomas Saunders, Henry Sewall, Robert Letherborow, Matthew Richardson, Thomas Banester. Dated: 1 November, 37 Elizabeth. Attested copy made at the order of Joseph Chambers, mayor and examined by Humphrey Burton, clerk to the Council. 10 October 1676. Endorsed: The counterpart of a deed made between the Mayor Bailiefs and Comonalty of the City of Coventry and Bartholomew Tate, esq. fixing the bounderies of the tithes of Stivechal parish and the hamlets of Astull and Horswell, the tythes of which hamlets belongs to the said Mayor [LG]

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