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Stivichall deeds and papers


Award of John Hunt, James Rogers and Henry Porter, gentlemen, arbitrators in the settlement of all matters in dispute between John Wade of Coventr', mercer, and Thomas Gregorie of the same, gent., arising out of bequests made to the said Thomas and Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of Christopher Wade of Coventre, mercer, deceased, by the said Christopher Wade and Isabel his wife, the father and mother of the said John Wade. They find that the said Christopher Wade bequeathed to the said Thomas Gregorie, his son-in-law, lands to the value of £6. 13s. 4d. and his house and lands in Stychall, and also to each of his children (including the said Elizabeth, wife of the said Thomas) 40 pounds in money; they also find that the said Isabel willed that her son John Wade should make an estate to the said Thomas, her son-in-law, of all the lands which she had lately purchased from Thomas Wood in Corley and Fyllyngley, if the said Thomas Wood did not redeem the same, towards such lands as her late husband, Christopher, willed to the said Thomas, of the yearly value of 20 nobles; also she bequeathed to the said Thomas Gregorie the land which she was about to purchase for him of the Kyngesgrove in the lordship of Stoneley of the yearly rent of 4 marks, and she willed that the said John Wade should purchase the land for him; and she also willed that if these lands could not be had, then he should have as much money as would purchase lands worth 20 nobles; which lands in Corley, Fyllyngley and Stoneley the arbitrators find are now in the absolute possession of the said John Wade, without any redemption thereof to be had by the said Thomas Wood upon the declaration of the title; and the said Isabel also willed that each of her children should have 60 ounces of her silver plate. The arbitrators therefore award that in full recompense for the above legacies, the said Thomas Gregorie shall have all the lands of the said John Wade in Corley, Fyllyngley, Stychall and Stoneley in the tenure of Richard Hyll' of Stoneley, husbandman, which land belonged to the monastery of Stoneley, now dissolved, and that the said John shall deliver up to the said Thomas all deeds affecting the said lands, and shall within a year confirm these lands to the said Thomas in writing; and the said John Wade shall also deliver up to the said Thomas 60 ounces of silverplate and a cupboard. Dated: 14 April, 37 Henry VIII Signed: by me John Hunt, per me Jamys Roberts, Henry Porter. Three tags: seals i) circular, red. The letters R O ii) circular, red. A merchant's mark iii) missing