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Stivichall deeds and papers


Attested copy of a feoffment from Thomas Fisher of Waric, esq., and Thomas Gregory of Coventr', gent. to Arthur Gregory, gent., of the following: the manor of Stivechale with appurtenances in Stivechale and Coventr' and view of frankpledge; a capital messuage called le Overhall Place and four virgates of land and meadow pertaining thereto; all the messuages and lands, the said manor and hamlet of Asthull in the several tenures of John Barowe, Henry Brunte, Thomas Hyll, John Billinge, John Godfrey, Robert Benett and Thomas Morres; a messuage in Coventr' opposite the Broad Gate in the ward of Smythford and the land called Warwicke Lane; a chief rent of a rose and 2 shillings from the lands of Humphrey Ferrers, late of John Langley and since of William Kaversewell, alias Careswall in Stivechale; a chief rent of 2 shillings and half a pound of cumin from lands of Thomas Hill, late of Ralph de Stretton, William Canley, Reginald Ballard and Robert Barewe, and since of the lord Mountejoye, George Kebeell and William Norres in Stivechall; a chief rent of 4 shillings and half a pound of cumin from lands of Christ's College Cambridge, late of John Barewe and Richard Barewe, since of John Heire and Joan Skote, and then of Richard Clarke in Stivechale; a chief rent of 2 shillings from the tenement of Robert Turnor, late of Stephen Deliston, since of William de Canley and then of William Norres in Stivechale; a chief rent of 8 shillings from the messuage and lands of Thomas Essex, late of Vitalis de Foweshull, then of Robert Forester, since of John de Shulton, John de Honington and John Frances (with other feoffees of William Babthorpe) successively, in Stivechale; a chief rent of 2 shillings from four acres of waste land of Thomas Essex called Little Waste or Little Rowsells, late of William de Leicestria and John de Shulton; a chief rent of a clove of gilly flower from five acres of land of the said Thomas Essex, late of Ranulph son of Hugh, afterwards of Robert Pekrell, then of William de Leicestria, and since of John de Shulton; and a chief rent of a grain of pepper from a messuage in the tenure of Henry Quineborowe in Warwicke Lane in Coventr', together with all other rents, liberties and manorial rights and fisheries in the waters of Sherburne and Sowe; to hold the same to the said Arthur of the Queen, as of her manor of Estgrenewiche, co. Kent, in free socage. Dated: 10 July 7 Elizabeth Signed: Tho. Fisher, per me Thomam Gregorie Witnesses: William Phippes, Cuthbert Hill, William Bissell, Richard Brok' and others. Attested as a true copy by Edm. Palmer and Richard Greenewood, 25 March 1630.