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Probate of Will: Stratford-upon-Avon


Probate dated 6 July 1714, of the Will dated 7 October 1710, of Hannah Tomlins of Stratford-upon-Avon, 'gentlewoman', with bequests to: Her brother Hugh Walford of Farthingoe, gent., her sister Lucy Burman of Shottery, widow; her sister Ursula Watts, wife of Mr. Brunker Watts of London; her sister, Mrs. Anne Walford; her niece, Elizabeth Walford, daughter of her brother Hugh Walford; her niece Lucy Burman, daughter of her sister, Lucy Burman; her niece Lucy Watts, daughter of her brother-in-law Mr. Brunker Watts; her goddaughter [and niece] Susanna Tibbatts; her cousin [or rather, niece] Lucy Tibbatts; her cousin [or rather, niece] Hannah Tibbatts; her cousin, Hannah Pearkes; her cousin, Susanna Pearkes; her cousin [or rather, nephew] Stephen Burman; her cousin [or rather, grandson] Henry Halford, son of Mr. John Halford (spoons and a Bible formerly the property of his grandfather Mr. Henry Tomlins); her godson, Robert Tibbatts, son of Hugh Tibbatts; her sister Jane Hicks of Stratford, widow, who is appointed sole executrix. Witnesses: Edward Rastoll, Mary Mander and Erasmus Banbury. Enclosed are receipts for legacies signed by: Henry Halford, Hugh Walford, Anne Walford, Hannah Tibbatts, Susanna Tibbatts, Lucy Tibbatts, Stephen Burman and Lucy Burman Also a receipt, dated 12 April 1708, from Richard Newcomb, for £12 17s 6d, to Mrs. Hannah Tomlins, executrix of the will of Henry Tomlins. Witnesses: Jane Hicks and Mary Halford.

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    12 Apr 1708-6 Jul 1714

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